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Bluetrek Technologies Limited is a global technology and mobile accessories company. Our goal is to develop, manufacture and market products that provide the best user experience possible.

To achieve this goal, our people work to blend innovative design with cutting-edge technology in order to develop unique, stylish and high-performance products and accessories for the mobile lifestyle. We seek to realize the vision of eamless mobility in communications, revolutionizing the way wireless technologies assist and complement our lives. This includes keeping people communicating - safely and clearly - with our products.

A leader in our field, Bluetrek is growing rapidly. We currently sell products through distributors and retailers in more than 40 countries worldwide. But our continued growth and success depends upon the character and values of our employees.

At Bluetrek, not only is it critical for our employees to have the experience and qualifications for each role, we seek employees who are passionate about living the spirit of Bluetrek's values in their daily work activities.  

If you are passionate about technology, and value team work and success, please contact


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