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OCT 2009
Bluetrek Crescendo awarded « Gold award of outstanding innovation and technology » in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2009
JUL 2009
Launch of Bluetrek Crescendo, the first voice controlled headset with superior noise cancellation and Bing411™ call out
DEC 2008
Launch of the Tag Heuer headset
NOV 2008
Bluetrek Compact carkit awarded « Best 2008 accessory for iPhone » By iLounge
NOV 2008
Launch of rugged X3 bluetooth headset with splash resistant (IP54)
OCT 2008
Bluetrek Metal available at the Apple Stores in USA
JUL 2008
Launch of Bluetrek Metal the thinnest bluetooth headset ever
APR 2008
Bluetrek awarded Orange Groupe European tender for Bluetooth carkits
FEB 2008
Launch of Bizz : world first USB key Bluetooth headset - launch in France with Orange & trade marketing operation with SanDisk
JAN 2008
Bluetrek’s Surface Sound Compact car kit granted “Best of Show Award” by iLounge at Macworld 2008 as the “Optimal Solution for iPhone car integration” & available in 220 Apple Stores
Bluetrek X2 and ST1 have been awarded the prize for Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards at the CES Las Vegas in 2007
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