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30 Mar 2009

Hong Kong, 30 Mar 2009 – Bluetrek, a leading wireless consumer electronics company specialising in Bluetooth technology, announced today it is releasing the Bluetrek METAL Evolution, the upgrade of world’s thinnest Bluetooth headset with extended talk time and improved radio.

The Bluetrek METAL Evolution is a super slim 4mm device encased in METAL Evolution and weight in at a petite 5.5 grams.

Light and compact, the METAL Evolution is an elegant accessory with its luxurious polished aluminium casing. The material that makes up the METAL Evolution offers a guarantee that the finish will not fade or wear out.

Additionally, the METAL Evolution includes a belt clip for easy carrying when not in
use. This convenient belt clip comes with a unique USB adaptor for recharging the unit
from your computer, allowing the user to travel light without chunky wall chargers.

The Bluetrek METAL Evolution can be worn with or without eyeglasses so it never cramps your style and comes with an array of ear buds and ear hooks to offer unrivalled comfort during long use.

The Bluetrek METAL Evolution is compatible with all mobile phones, PDA devices and computers that use the Bluetooth V2.1 specification. This sleek device boasts up to five hours of talk time and seven days of standby time.

The METAL Evolution will retail for €49.90 in Europe, $79.99 in North America and will be available starting from June.

METAL Evolution Technical Specifications*
• Estimated talk time: Up to 6 hours
• Estimated standby time: Up to 8 days
• Size: 49.8mm (L) x 15.6mm (W) x 4.2mm (T)
• Operation range: Up to 10m
• Bluetooth specification: V2.1
• Dual color LED to indicate charge, low battery, standby & communication
• Belt Clip
• Adapter for USB charge
• 2 different size ear hooks
• 6 different size speaker covers
• USB cable
*Design and features subject to change without prior notice.
* All product specifications are device dependent.
* Design patented

About Bluetrek -

Bluetrek, the creator of universally compatible Bluetooth products, has, since 2001, applied its
technical and engineering Bluetooth expertise to design innovative and groundbreaking consumer
products and brands, impacting the world of mobile accessories. Building on the phenomenal success of the G2 headset, which sold more than two million units, Bluetrek continually drives new collections of mono and stereo headsets as well as Bluetooth car kits, blending unique design with product performance.

Frequently recognised for its design concepts, Bluetrek regularly win design awards. The company’s products are sold through mobile operators and leading retailers in more than 40

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