Press Release 2007

Bluetrek's ST1

13 Nov 2007

Paris, France, 13 November 2007 – Bluetrek, the French brand that is rapidly expanding in the wireless accessories sector, is innovating and diversifying its range with the launch of the most stylish and intelligent Bluetooth accessory around: the ST1.

A two-in-one headset for twice the enjoyment!

In addition to its minimal weight (45g), the ST1 brings together all the qualities of an audio headset in an elegant and creative design. Available in white, black and bronze, the ST1 uses stylish colours and materials to achieve an eye-catching look. Its rubber arms are one of a kind making it possible to twist them around your neck to fit comfortably on your ears, freeing your hands while you remain connected. The ST1 also has enhanced micro speakers and software sound filters, ensuring clear connectivity and sound quality whether you’re listening to music or answering your phone. All you have to do is twist the rubber arm, play and go!

100% freedom and more versatile than ever!

- Let the music flow!
The ST1 operates for a long period without needing to be recharged and enables
you to listen to the MP3 files stocked on your mobile, via a Bluetooth connection,
for up to 9 hours*. Its small earpieces provide exceptional sound quality.

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