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Bluetrek to present its Fashion for Heads collection on the CeBIT "runway"

9 Mar 2007

Paris, 9th March 2007 – Bluetrek, a ModeLabs Group brand that is rapidly expanding in the wireless accessories sector, will be present at CeBIT 2007, the world’s largest trade show for professionals working in the digital and technology fields. Bluetrek will be showcasing a large range of headsets and other Bluetooth accessories from its Fashion for Heads collection, their most innovative and alluring yet.

-Bluetrek MINI – This Bluetooth earpiece is a modern-time jewel that is elegant and comfortable whether worn around the neck as a necklace or in your ear as a headset.

-Bluetrek SENSE – Sleek, thin and pleasant to the touch, this elegant headset allows you to stay connected at all times without cramping your style. The device is user friendly and functions with a soft velvety speech button to enhance the user experience.

-Bluetrek ST1 – Bluetrek’s two-in-one stereo headset lets you make and receive calls through the stereo device thanks to Bluetooth technology. When you are listening to music and you need to answer a call, your music automatically pauses and starts off again when your conversation ends.

-Bluetrek SurfaceSound Car Kits – The world’s first car kit with a flat panel speaker. It provides the double benefit of superior sound quality and non-intrusive integration within the car, thanks to its ultra slim design. Two versions are available: the SurfaceSound Duo allows you to choose the Bluetrek headset you prefer and use it with your
car kit when you’re driving. For private conversations, remove the headset from the car kit and use it as a simple earpiece. The surfaceSound Compact operates independently and functions without a headset, taking up minimal space

-Bluetrek TATTOO – Your look changes from day to day and now your Bluetrek accessories can too. The TATTOO headset boasts eight 'skins' to put on or remove wirh ease, as the mood takes you!

-The TATTOO STEREO can be used as a standard mono headset, but when connected to an earphone, it runs into a high quality stereo headset with 1 or 2 earpieces.

-Bluetrek UFO – Its round shape and fashionable look are a first in the world of Bluetooth headsets making it an Undeniably Fashionable Object. Simple, sophisticated but also practical to use, Bluetrek’s UFO sits comfortably on the ear rather than in the ear, offering a new level of comfort.

To arrange an interview with a member of the executive team at CeBIT or to discover the complete range of Bluetrek products, please contact the press department below.

About Bluetrek -

Bluetrek, a brand of ModeLabs Group, is a rising name in the world of Bluetooth consumer products. It has built its success on the highly-acclaimed G2, the first lightweight and fashionable Bluetooth eadset. Today, the collection includes innovative Bluetooth mono, stereo and car kit solutions that are sold by a number of leading retailers and operators in over 40 countries around the globe.

Bluetrek is a brand that blends innovative design with cutting edge technology for mobile lifestyles. The brand is designed to cater to the tastes of style-conscious consumers as well as tech-savvy professionals. The growth of Bluetrek can be accredited to the enthusiasm and skill of its dynamic eam and to the unique characteristics of its products. All Bluetrek products boast excellent
performance with extended talk time, universal compatibility, comfort and lightweight design.

Bluetrek is making its mark on the fashion scene, with its “Fashion for Heads” approach. From the product itself to their bold advertising campaigns, Bluetrek is a different breed of Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones. Two of its latest products, the X2 (the first water and shock resistant headset) and the avant-garde ST1 Bluetooth stereo headset - set to revolutionise mobile phone music, were awarded the prize for Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards at the CES Las Vegas in 2007

Bluetrek® is a brand of ModeLabs Group.

About ModeLabs Group - ModeLabs Group, the creator of the "Mobile On DemandTM” offer, is a customized design manufacturer (CDM) specialized in mobiles phones using new generation technology. The company designs, develops and markets mobile phone handsets, accessories and services in an integrated and flexible manner for mobile phone operators, retailers and mass market brands.

Thanks to the combination of its marketing expertise, its cutting-edge technological know-how and its flexible "fabless" organisation, ModeLabs Group is meeting the growing demand for Telecom market segmentation by giving mass market brands, operators/MVNO or distributors the opportunity to create their own range of mobile phones, accessories and services.

ModeLabs Group is listed on the Euronext Eurolist- Paris (code "MDL", ISIN code: FR0010060665, SFB 250).

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