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Bluetrek Crescendo wins the Gold Award for Outstanding Innovation & Technology Products at the world's biggest electronic show

14 Oct 2009

Hong Kong, October 14, 2009 – Crescendo, the latest Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headset from Bluetrek Technologies Limited, is awarded the most prestigious Gold Award in personal electronic devices for Outstanding Innovation and Technology at the world’s biggest electronic show – the Hong Kong Electronic Fair.

The Bluetrek Crescendo is the first Bluetooth headset, in the world, pre-installed with the Bing™411 call out function. Its superior Noise Lock technology, which effectively eliminates all the background noise in environments of up to 85dB (the average noise level on a busy street downtown) as well as reducing wind noise, ranks it as one of the best noise cancelling headsets in the world, according to independent test reports. In addition, the voice of the incoming call is intelligently equalized to optimize audio legibility at the user’s end, thus enabling crystal clear communication on both ends of the mobile phone. Moreover, the headset is installed with voice prompt. The voice command function recognizes more than 95% of American accent English without
training. Users can even pick up calls through voice command to the headset.

This is a truly handsfree experience. The headset is designed in a subtle yet fashionable finish and is predicted to become the best friend of all busy executives.

The product is now available in US and Canada at retail outlets like, Crutchfield,,, Nebraska Furniture Mart US, Hawk Electronics, OKC Cellular and Teletouch etc. Soon online at and Best

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