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The Wholesale House Adds Bluetrek for 2010

19 Dec 2009

Dec 19 2009 (St Clair Shores, MI) – Bluetrek, the award-winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth mobile phone accessories, announced today that The Wholesale House, one the nation’s largest 12-volt distributors, has added the Bluetrek line of hands-free Bluetooth® headsets and car kits to its product roster for 2010. Headquartered in Huntsville, OH, The Wholesale House serves 4000 retailers, primarily in the eastern half of the U.S.
While The Wholesale House is highly focused in the 12-volt car audio market, it is looking to expand its product portfolio with a few well-chosen non-traditional products.
“Over the past 10 years, the number of 12-volt retailers we serve has dropped dramatically,” says Mick French, vice president. “That’s due to several factors: The automakers offering more high-quality audio and nav equipment in their vehicles; the difficulty of installing aftermarket audio products in new vehicles with computer-controlled systems; and of course the massive recession that forced many 12-volt retailers to close up shop this year.”
French said his company is being proactive and looking for ways to help its retailer customers sell more by broadening their product lines in order to broaden their overall consumer appeal beyond simply the young male 12-volt audio consumer.
“Bluetrek is the first full-line headset manufacturer we’ve taken on. They’re a great company and have very high-quality headsets like their new Bluetrek Crescendo. I’ve used one for about two months and honestly, I was very impressed with it,” he said.
John Haley, Bluetrek’s CEO, said he is very impressed with The Wholesale House’s blanket coverage and knowledge of the 12-volt market. “We fully support Mick’s strategy of helping his retailers broaden their customer base and our Bluetooth headsets are an ideal product to help them do this with. Their high-quality audio and hands-free convenience appeal to everyone – young males, professional men and women, and seniors. And the fact that we offer a complete product line and design, engineer and manufacture our own products so we control the quality were important factors to Mick.

The Wholesale House will stock the full Bluetrek line starting in January 2010. That includes the top-of-the-line voice-activated hands-free Bluetrek Crescendo with Crystalline® voice technology, the world’s first Bluetooth headset with Bing411 voice search; the X3Pro with NoiseLock, designed and manufactured to IP54 quality standards, making it water, dust and shock resistant; the new ultra-thin Metal Evolution designer headset, also with NoiseLock, in brushed black finish; plus the Compact Classic visor-mounted hands-free car kit, among other products.

About Bluetrek
Bluetrek, pioneer of Bluetooth wireless technology since 2001, is an award winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, a car speakerphone and other wireless devices. Blending European design with cutting edge innovations and technologies, Bluetrek is a leading supplier of Bluetooth solutions to the global market and has products available through distributors and retailers in more than 40 countries in the world.

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Bluetrek Crescendo, the world’s first Bluetooth headset with the Bing411 voice search function

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