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Bluetrek and Dial2Do Partnership annoucement

5 Jan 2010

Bluetrek and Dial2Do Announce Partnership to Integrate
Voice Email, Texting and Memo Functionality in
Bluetrek’s New Concerto Bluetooth Headset

Las Vegas, NV (Consumer Electronics Show) – January 5, 2009 – Bluetrek Technologies Ltd., a leading global manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, and Dial2Do, a technology company that enables voice-activated hands-free communications including email and text messaging, today announced a partnership that will enable users of Bluetrek’s new Concerto headset to enjoy voice-activated, hands-free email and texting without touching their phones.

The technology behind this capability is Dial2Do’s Hands-free Assistant, a proprietary voice-activated messaging platform that enables users to access the system by dialing a network access number. From there, using only voice commands, they can send, listen and reply to emails and text messages and access popular networking sites like Twitter. Initially available only in the US, the Dial2Do Hands-free Assistant is offered at two service levels and will soon be available in more than 20 countries.

To make accessing the system even easier – and hands-free -- the new noise-cancelling Bluetrek Concerto headset, also unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, has a one-touch button that allows the user to directly access the Dial2Do Hands-free Assistant.

Initially, the Dial2Do system will allow users to create and send emails by voice and listen to them read back, and create and send text messages by voice. A series of new free, downloadable software apps is due soon from Dial2Do that will allow many smartphone platforms (Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile) to read-back text messages through the Concerto headset. The iPhone 3GS app is due later in the year.

“Dial2Do is an incredibly easy way to stay connected in a hands-free environment and this partnership with Bluetrek gives consumers easy access to our service,” said Ivan MacDonald, CEO of Dial2Do. “Bluetrek has rapidly become one of the global leaders in Bluetooth mobile accessories and its new Concerto headset is state-of-the-art. Now, by simply pressing the button on the Concerto headset, people can message and stay connected while in their cars or any other environment where they do not have access to a keyboard.”

According to Bluetrek CEO Nicolas Olivier, the technology partnership fits perfectly with the company’s go-forward strategy. “Bluetrek products are known for helping people be more productive and efficient in a hands-free environment via a range of voice activated solutions,” he said. “Partnering with a company like Dial2Do and making their voice-activated messaging platform easily available to our customers is, therefore, an obvious and natural choice.”

“While the Bluetrek Concerto with the Hands-free Assistant won’t eliminate the growing problem of distracted driving due to texting or emailing, it certainly will help users keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. This is especially important not only for those drivers, but for the rest of us driving on those same roads!”

The Dial2Do service can be accessed and used by anyone. New users can sign up for the service directly from the website – -- and select Dial2Do’s Pro Service at $3.99 a month and immediately begin sending, listening and replying to emails and text messages, listening to news and sports, and corresponding with some of the most popular Web destinations like Twitter and Google Calendar. Or, they can select the Basic Service which is free, but still provides the memo or reminder service that allows the user to create and listen to reminders which are then emailed to them.

Those who purchase the new Bluetrek Concerto will automatically receive a 60-day free trial subscription to the Dial2Do Pro service. The Concerto will be available at $89.99 and begin shipping to US distributors and retailers in March, 2010.

About Dial2Do
Dial2Do lets users do more with hands-free devices. Through a dial-up voice-activated network, Dial2Do users can send emails and text messages simply by using their voice. Dial2Do users can also access more than 30 of the most popular social networking and Web destinations using Dial2Do, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Calendar. Dial2Do was formerly part of Rococo Software, a provider of Bluetooth enablement software to handset manufacturers. For more information or to trial the service, please visit NOTE: Dial2Do will be exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 7-10 at Booth #825 in Safe Driver Tech Zone located in the North Hall.

About Bluetrek
Bluetrek, pioneer of Bluetooth wireless technology since 2001, is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, a car speakerphone and other wireless devices. Blending European design with cutting edge innovations and technologies, Bluetrek is a leading supplier of Bluetooth solutions to the global market and has products available through distributors and retailers in more than 40 countries worldwide. NOTE: Bluetrek has an open meeting room at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in LVCC at CES MEETING ROOM: 25532MP South 2

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