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Bluetrek Launches Crescendo ‐‐ World’s First Headset with Bing411 and Traffic 511 Built in

4 Jan 2010

Jan 4, 2010 (CES – LAS VEGAS) ‐‐ Bluetrek, the award‐winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth mobile phone accessories, will show its new Crescendo advanced noise‐cancelling headset with voice control and best‐in‐class audio at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES Meeting Room: 25532MP South 2).
The new top‐of‐the‐line Bluetrek Crescendo headset is packed with the latest audio technology and convenience features in an attractive, compact device that weighs less than half an ounce (9 grams).

Features include:

1. Voice control: With true hands‐free functionality, it’s ideal for in‐car use, as well as around the home, office or workshop. Simply speak one of 12 predetermined commands to make or take phone calls, access information, check the battery level, redial a number and more. The voice command function requires no voice training.

2. Bing 411: As the world’s first Bluetooth headset with pre‐installed Bing411 voice search capability, you can just say “call Information” to access Microsoft’s new Bing voice search engine to locate restaurants, gas stations, check sports scores, and more.
3. Traffic advisories 511: If you need traffic advisories, just say, “traffic conditions” and you can access the local traffic service to avoid traffic jams and accident scenes.
4. Superior dual‐mic design delivers exceptional audio: Bluetrek’s dual‐mic design combined with its Crystalline™ Voice Technology delivers an exceptional audio experience. The two mics compare and analyze audio inputs and intelligently optimize the driver's voice while suppressing up to 85dB of background and wind noise – the average noise level of a busy city street. The result is a surprisingly clear conversation for both the Crescendo user and caller that independent tests rank as among the best in the world of headsets.
5. Updateable software: To ensure peak performance and full functionality of the Crescendo, users can easily download the latest software from the Bluetrek web site.
6. Convenience and comfort features: The Crescendo offers 6‐hours of talk‐time (and 7 days standby) between charges and comes with a 120‐volt wall charger and a USB charging adapter cable. It also has two adjustable ear hooks and a set of new ergonomically‐designed Ergobud® ear buds in four sizes. These are very soft, foam rubber “donuts” that let you customize the fit to your ear – even with glasses ‐‐ eliminating the need for the ear hook for most people.
The Bluetrek Crescendo has an MSRP of $99.99 and is shipping now. More information is available at

About Bluetrek
Bluetrek, pioneer of Bluetooth wireless technology since 2001, is an award‐winning designer
and manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets and other wireless devices. Blending European design with cutting edge innovations and technologies, Bluetrek is a leading supplier of Bluetooth solutions to the global market and has products available through retail outlets in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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