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Bluetrek Launches New Crescendo Headset with Voice‐Email and Voice‐Texting Capability

6 Jan 2010

LAS VEGAS (Consumer Electronics Show) January 6, 2009 -- Imagine a Bluetooth headset that can read your email messages to you and let you dictate your response – all without touching your cell phone! Or, one that lets you dictate and send text messages – and “tweets” – by voice, and will “take a memo” and send you a reminder by email, hands-free! Now there is such a headset – it’s the new Bluetrek Crescendo hands-free headset with voice command and noise cancellation technology.

Bluetrek, the award-winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth mobile phone accessories, introduced the Crescendo here at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The Bluetrek Crescendo lets you do these common tasks – and more – via a direct access bundled service now available in the US (and available soon in 20 countries). Simply say “email” or “reminders” to create or listen to emails, and record reminders for meetings or key dates so you won’t be late or forget them. Or say “text” to dictate and send text messages. You can also update your Google calendar by voice or explore up to 30 social networking sites.

The technology behind the Crescendo is a proprietary hands-free, voice-activated messaging platform by Dial2Do that is accessed by dialing a network access number. To access the system, Crescendo users simply touch a button on headset, and then they’ll hear, “Personal Assistant, what would you like to do?” From there, using only voice commands, users can send, listen and reply to emails, dictate and send text messages and access popular networking sites like Twitter, and more.

“Bluetrek products are known for helping people be more productive and efficient in a hands-free environment via a range of voice activated solutions,” said Bluetrek CEO Nicolas Olivier. “While the Bluetrek Crescendo with the Personal Assistant technology won’t eliminate the growing problem of distracted driving due to texting or emailing, it certainly will help users keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. This is especially important not only for those drivers, but for the rest of us driving on those same roads!”

Initially available only in the US, the Bluetrek/Dial2Do Personal Assistant feature will be offered at offered at two service levels – Pro and Basic. Pro, which includes all the capabilities above, will be $3.99 a month; while the Basic plan, which excludes voice email and texting, is available for free. The Basic plan still allows you to send yourself memos, send tweets, access your Google Calendar and more – all by voice commands.

New Bluetrek Crescendo purchasers will be get a 60-day free trial, and then have the option to continue with either the Pro Plan or the free Basic Plan.

A series of new free, downloadable software apps is due soon from Dial2Do that will allow many smartphone platforms (Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile) to also read-back text messages through the Crescendo headset. The iPhone 3GS app is due later in the year.

In addition to this unique messaging technology, the Bluetrek Crescendo is packed with the latest audio technology and convenience features. It has a dual-mic design with Bluetrek’s NOISE LOCK noise-cancellation solution that delivers exceptional call clarity. It also has updatable firmware from to ensure peak performance in the future.

The Bluetrek Crescendo packs all of this capability into an attractive, compact device that weighs less than one ounce (9 grams) and measures only 1.75 x .75 x 0.4 inches (47 x 20.3 x 9.3 mm). It offers 6.5 hours of talk-time and 5 days standby, and comes with a travel charger, magnetic headset holder clip, and a set of ergonomically-designed Ergobud® ear buds in four sizes to ensure a comfortable fit – even with glasses.

The Bluetrek Crescendo will be priced around $89.99 (plus Dial2Do Pro monthly service, if selected) and begin shipping to US distributors and retailers in March, 2010. More information is available at

About Bluetrek
Bluetrek, pioneer of Bluetooth wireless technology since 2001, is an award winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets, a car speakerphone and other wireless devices.
Blending European design with cutting edge innovations and technologies, Bluetrek is a leading supplier of Bluetooth solutions to the global market and has products available through retail outlets in more than 40 countries in the world.

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