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Bob the LostDog comes to Las Vegas after 25 years!

6 Jan 2011

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Michigan, January 6, 2011 –Since created by the renowned French artist Aurele 25 years ago in New York to alert people’s tendency to become lost in the ever changing environment, Bob the LostDog™ has found its way to the CES this January.

Inspired by Aurele, the LostDog™ cases by Bluetrek® are made from natural, recycled, or recyclable eco-friendly materials carefully crafted to provide the best protection to your iPad™, iPhone™, Samsung Galaxy Tab™ as well as other valuable electronic gadgets of city dwellers. You can find the full range of LostDog™ cases at the Bluetrek booth at north hall, 4636 during CES.

About LostDog™
Aurele, the renowned French artist created the LostDog™ in the mid 1980’s to raise people’s awareness of the state of emergency of our world, but more importantly his aspiration to rise above through love, sharing, and taking care of our planet!

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