Press Release 2011

New Designer Skins for iPhone from LostDogā„¢

17 Mar 2011

For immediate release

Michigan, March 17, 2011– Bluetrek®, the breeder of LostDog™, announces the launch of five new designer skins for iPhone™ 4.

Designed by the renowned French artist, Aurele, to raise awareness of the need for the people to join forces and sow the seeds of a better future through his LostDog™ artworks, this new range of skins for the iPhone™ 4 will be available for iPhone™ 4 fans from the last week of March.

Made in the USA to ensure the highest posiblepossible quality for the artworks created by the great artist, the LostDog™ skins are fully removable and leave no residues.

The LostDog™ skin is the latest addition to the range of LostDog™ accessories. The LostDog™ product range already includes cases for the iPhone™, iPad™, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab™

As with the rest of the LostDog product line, special care has been used to make the skins environnementally friendly. All LostDogs™ products are made only with natural, recycled or recyclable material.

About Bluetrek®
Bluetrek® - a pioneer in Bluetooth® wireless technology - is an award winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth® headsets, wireless devices, and other accessories for personal portable mobile devices.
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About LostDog™
The renowned French artist Aurele has been using the LostDog™ as a metaphor for life since the mid 1980’s to remind people to love, share, commit and take care of our planet.
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