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Bluetrek MusiCALL™ – New Clip Stereo Bluetooth headset compatible with iPhone and remote your iTunes

14 Apr 2011

Hong Kong, April 14th,2011– Bluetrek announces the availability of MusiCALL a clip stereo headset with 3.5mm jack compatibility.

MusiCALL offers superb stereo music without wires. Clip the MusiCALL pendant to your shirt to gain full control of your tracks wirelessly (play, pause, next,previous, volume adjustment) whilst leaving your smart phone in your pocket or bag.

A 3.5mm input jack allows you to connect your own favorite earphones or headphones. Music will stop when a call comes in and restarts when you end the conversation ensuring that you never miss a call.

Bluetrek will show case this new product during the Spring edition of The Hong Kong Electronics and Global Sources Fairs from April 12 to17th, 2011.

SRP USD69.99 – €59.90

For more information on MusiCALL, please contact or

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