Press Release 2011

Carbon users rank it as “very good, excellent, amazing or perfect”

26 Jul 2011

For immediate release

A survey conducted by Bluetrek among 166 online buyers of it's Carbon headset revealed an outstanding experience
feedback. Already widely accaimed by the press, the world first carbon headset has also received a tremendous
response from its users. In the survey, users were asked to evaluate the carbon performances, design and value for money.

- On average, users ranked the carbon performances as “Very good”
- More than 70% of the users considered the design of the Carbon headset to be “excellent” or ”amazing”, and 19% of them even went as far as considering it “perfect”
- 81% of the users considered the Carbon value for money to be “good”,”very good”,”excellent” or “amazing” Additionaly, 71% of the users said they would recommand the Carbon to their friends, familly and co-workers.

“ I like the design very much, and am really happy it is so light.” - Ivan P.
“ It's great. I recommend it all the time .” - Kevin D.
“ Packaging is good, call quality is great on both ends .” - Mark L.
“ As a tractor trailer driver it is difficult finding Bluetooth units that can live up to the quality needed for the level of noise I deal with, Bluetrek has exceded my expectations. ” - Stefan F.

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