Press Release 2011

Lostdog Won't let you down iPad 2 back cover launched by Bluetrek

25 Aug 2011

For immediate release

Bluetrek is proud to unveil this latest addition to its LostDog collection for iPad 2. In addition to protecting the back of your iPad 2 from scratches, this LostDog “won't let you down” backcover implements a unique “Smart Cover Lock™” that securely holds Apple's Smart Cover in place. This is the perfect complement to your Smart Cover. You won’t have to worry about dropping your valuable gadget anymore because “Lostdog won't let you down”.

Bluetrek has transformed LostDog into the guardian angel of iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, and other portable devices. All LostDog items are carefully crafted in environmentally friendly materials and are free from substances harmful to human health (all LostDog items are RoHS certified). Each item is designed with Amour and Dévotion to provide the best protection to your most valuable gadget.

About Bluetrek®

Bluetrek® - a pioneer in Bluetooth® wireless technology - is an award winning designer and manufacturer of Bluetooth® headsets, wireless devices, and other accessories for personal portable mobile devices.

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About LostDog™

The renowned French artist Aurele has been using the LostDog™ as a metaphor for life since the mid 1980’s to remind people to love, share, commit and take care of our planet.

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