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Bluetrek's SurfaceSound Car kits-Cutting edge technology meets audio excellence with Bluetrek's SurfaceSound car kits

13 Nov 2007

Paris, 13 November, 2007 – Bluetrek, a brand of ModeLabs Group, proudly announces a first in hands-free communication car kits: the Bluetrek SurfaceSound, a technological innovation that features a large flat panel loudspeaker and offers exceptional sound quality.
With its unique product offering, Bluetrek is the first on the market to give greater freedom and an enhanced user experience with this hands-free, ear-free solution.

Three undeniable advantages
** Large flat panel speaker for better audio quality
** DSP technology filters out everyday noise interference and ensures you enjoy clear sound
quality during telephone calls while on the road.
** Adaptable and mobile once removed from the sun visor, the SurfaceSound car kits can be
used to facilitate conference calls at the office and multiple participant family calls at home
or even on the move!

Bluetrek SurfaceSound DUO

Headset and car kit: a perfect Bluetooth
match for public or private conversations
without interruption!
The SurfaceSound DUO adapts to your needs and is fully compatible with the Mini, Tattoo and other new Bluetrek headsets which can also be recharged directly on the DUO. This state of the art car kit offers impressive sound quality thanks to
its large flat panel speaker and allows you to conveniently keep your hands and ears free when driving. For private conversations, the headset can be simply removed from the car kit and used independently. By allowing you to switch between your regular headset and the car kit speaker phone without interrupting your conversation, Bluetrek offers you greater mobility and ensures a seamless transition as you move around, from the moment you accept a phone call to the moment you hang up. Do not worry about the battery of your headset, it charges up when connected to the SurfaceSound DUO.

Technical Specifications:
-Dimensions(mm): 177(L) x 94(W) x 14(T)
-Weight : 136.5g with clip
-Range : 10 metres
-USB charger
-Red LED to indicate the status of the charge
-Up to 22 hours talk time and up to 24 days
standby time
-Equipped with DSP sound technology for echo
cancellation & noise reduction
-Large NXT flat panel speaker
-1 quick press button for redial or reject call

The SurfaceSound DUO car kit will be available in November 2007 at a recommended retail price of

Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact

Following the lead of Bluetooth headsets…
The SurfaceSound Compact functions without an earpiece by establishing a direct link with your mobile phone. Bluetooth technology is directly integrated into the car kit ensuring that the device remains streamlined and compact. Slim and discreet, the NXT-equipped SurfaceSound Compact allows you to communicate at your
convenience, while driving safely.

Technical Specifications:
-Dimensions(mm) : 140(L) x 94(W) x 13(T)
-Weight : 110g
-Range : 10 metres
-USB charger / Car sun visor clip
-Red LED to indicate the status of the charge
-Up to 15 hours talk time
-Up to 21 days standby time
-Equipped with DSP sound technology for echo
cancellation & noise reduction
-Large NXT flat panel speaker

The SurfaceSound Compact car kit will be available in November 2007 at a recommended retail price of US$99.99.

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About Bluetrek -

Bluetrek, creator of the « Fashion for Heads » range, has, since 2001, applied its technical and engineering Bluetooth expertise to design innovative and groundbreaking consumer products and brands, impacting the world of mobile accessories. Building on the phenomenal success of the G2 headset, which sold more than
two million units, Bluetrek continually drives new collections of mono and stereo headsets as well as Bluetooth car kits, blending unique design with product performance.
Frequently recognised for its design concepts, Bluetrek recently won the Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards at CES 2007 in Las Vegas for the X2 and ST1 headsets. The Company’s products are sold through mobile operators and leading retailers in more than 40 countries.

Bluetrek® is a brand of ModeLabs Group.
About ModeLabs Group S.A. -
ModeLabs Group, the creator of the "Mobile On DemandTM” offer, is a customized design manufacturer (CDM) specialized in mobiles phones using new generation technology. The company designs, develops and markets mobile phone handsets, accessories and services in an integrated and flexible manner for mobile phone operators, retailers and mass market brands.
Thanks to the combination of its marketing expertise, its cutting-edge technological know-how and its flexible "fabless" organisation, ModeLabs Group is meeting the growing demand for Telecom market segmentation by giving mass market brands, operators/MVNO or distributors the opportunity to create their own range of mobile phones, accessories and services.

ModeLabs Group is listed on the Euronext Eurolist – Paris
(code "MDL", ISIN code: FR0010060665, SFB 250).

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