Introduction of Bluetooth Technology

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Introduction of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth takes its name from Harald Bluetooth, a Viking and former King of Denmark who was renowned for his ability to help people communicate. It eliminates the need for wires between computers, printers, monitors, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and other devices.

Bluetooth wireless technology takes advantage of the 2.4GHz frequency to make it globally compatible. The range of Bluetooth communications is approximately 30 feet, but the signal can permeate walls of a house or office unlike your remote's infrared.

Imagine this. You are in a crowded place and your phone rings. You awkwardly whip out your cell from your pocket or purse (ladies) and grudgingly take the call. Just then, you spot another person speaking comfortably with hands in the pocket and a nifty contraption sticking out of the ear.

Of course, you've seen that and know it's a bluetooth (see 'What is Bluetooth?' if you don't) headset. But what follows is that which catches your eye the person finishes the call and removes the headset from the ear and fits it neatly in a pen-like-stand in his pocket. Now that's something you've not seen before.


What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a short range wireless technology (roughly about 30ft away). Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible to transmit signals over short distances between telephones, computers and other devices and thereby simplify communication and synchronization between devices.


What can Bluetooth do for me?
Bluetooth allows you to talk hands free, wirelessly. This allows you drive safely while still carrying on a conversation on your cell phone. This can be done via an earpiece or through a system installed in your vehicle. Bluetooth allows two compatible devices to communicate with each other, such as your Bluetooth enabled PDA or cell phone to sync up wirelessly with your Bluetooth enabled laptop to share things like contact info, calendar etc.


Why do I need Bluetooth in my car?
The two main reasons are 1. Safety - You can drive safer if you have both hands on the wheel. 2 - It’s the law! Many states are enacting laws against talking on a cell phone without a hands free device. Check with your state to see if this is, or will be a law soon.


What Type of Bluetooth kits are available?
There are a few different options on this one. It depends on what kind of functionality you are looking for. Here is what types of Bluetooth hand free kits are available.

Ear Pieces - This is a great option for people who drive different cars all the time, or is constantly on the phone, it or out of the car.

Installed kits - There are some manufactures that are making Bluetooth kits that will mute your car stereo and allow you to hear your incoming call over the car speakers. There are some options that you have when picking out a Bluetooth kit. There kits that offer an external display so you can see who is calling you, and/or allow you to scroll through your phone book to find the number you need. Then there are some that just mute the radio and play the audio through your speakers without a display. All installed kits have a small microphone so you can talk and do voice dialing.

Intergraded kits - This is becoming a more popular category. Many of our car stereo manufactures got on board with Bluetooth and made adaptors for their car stereos that will allow you to see your calling info right on your car stereo.. This is a great option since you do not have to have a separate display mounted somewhere on your dash. This gives you a clean look. If you want that clean look and have a factory navigation system in your car there is an option for you combining products from two different companies we offer so you can have your phone book and caller id displayed on your factory GPS screen. This gives a factory installed look to your car.

Bluetooth Built In – Some portable GPS systems and car stereos have Bluetooth built in so you do not need any other adapters or cables. The built in Bluetooth will allow you to see your calling info right on the screen of the car stereo or portable GPS. You can talk or do voice dialing via a separate or built in microphone. Some units will allow you to scroll your entire phone book. To see if we have a Bluetooth kit that will work in your current car stereo, please use our fit guide. If you need more help or have questions, please call or email one of our knowledgeable Mobile Electronics Specialists to see what Bluetooth kit would best suit your needs.  

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