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Bluetooth Profiles

The Bluetooth headset icon
When you see this icon it means a Bluetooth headset will connect with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, “hands-free” mobile phone car kit, or even an enabled computer voice input/output. (You just got both hands back.)

The Bluetooth stereo icon
When you see this icon you’ll be enjoying stereo sound through Bluetooth enabled computers, audio players, mobile phones and other devices streaming through Bluetooth enabled speakers or headsets.

The Bluetooth transfer icon
Spot this icon and you’ll be able to transfer digital content such as photos, business cards, music files and documents between a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices.

The Bluetooth printing icon
See this icon and you’ll be printing images and documents wirelessly from cameras, mobile phones, computers and PDAs to any device with a printer port enabled by Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth HID icon
Your desktop just became clutter-free if you spot this icon, which indicates that the device in question connects mice, keyboards, game controllers and other input/output devices to computers, PDAs, game consoles and more. So long tangled wires!

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