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Why Bluetooth?
Radiation from mobile phones is harmful to children
One can see that the lifestyle change has resulted in usage of mobile phones by almost everybody (2 out of 4) and the children are fascinated by the mobiles. Parents give the mobiles in small children’s hand as a toy and to school going children as a status symbol.

In spite of repeated news appearing in World Wide Web and in newspapers, little attention is paid to the harmful effects of the radiation emitted by the mobile phones. No body wants to even know about it, neither the users nor the manufacturers.

A landmark research study carried out in US and Denmark into the use of handsets which may have major public health implications, showed health effects in the children whose mothers have used mobile phones when they were pregnant. The researchers surveyed 13,000 children and found that even less frequent usage was sufficient to increase the health risk to the children. These children developed hyperactivity, and difficulties with conduct, emotions and relationships. The health risk in children, below 7 years, using the mobile phone is much greater. Some children are more sensitive than others to the radiation emitted by mobile phones.

There is a need for strict regulation to ensure that the manufacturers of the mobile phones maintain the radiation emission levels of the mobiles much lower than the standards. Base stations near schools and crowded areas should be avoided. There should be a dedicated regulatory body for strict regulation of the mobile phone usage. The regulators should also look into the safety of erecting antenna on the residential building tops. The RF radiation levels should periodically monitored and the readings should be displayed for public knowledge and for checking compliance with the set limits by regulators.

Bluetooth is safe
Bluetooth utilises radio signals 1000 times weaker than the standard wireless technologies used by mobile phones. However, the issue of possible health concerns from cellular radio frequency emissions continues to be a topic of discussion.

All mobile phones sold in the US must comply with the FCC's standard of a SAR reading of 1.6 watts per kilogram or less. The internationally-accepted standard for measuring RF absorption by human tissue is Specific Absorption Rate or SAR.

With laws being passed state by state about cell phone use in cars, more people are using hands free kits which have now been proven to be more dangerous because of increased radiation to the head.

The NEW Hands Free RADIATION FREE head set from I.C.I.

Numerous studies in Europe have indicated the wire connected to the ear piece of the head set acts like an aerial delivering up to 3 X more radiation to your head.

NOW, I.C.I. introduces the NEW Wave Shield Radiation FREE hands free kit with deluxe features such as state of the art microphone and ear piece offering crystal clear communications AND NO RADIATION. Using a stethoscopic air stream system, sound is transported to and from the user with NO RADIATION. The new Wave Shield Radiation free kit offers you the comfort and convenience of hands free communication whether in your car or on the go. As cellular use increases, so do the concerns about the potential harmful effects of electro magnetic radiation. The Radiation Free headset was developed with these issues in mind as well as to comply with government hands-free driving regulations now being passed to reduce automobile accidents. Visit waveshield.com and cprnews.com for reports on cell phone dangers. Bluetooth, what’s that? What can Bluetooth do for me? These are a few question most of us ask when we hear or see ads for cell phones and other devices that can be used with Bluetooth.


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